Talavant's Meet Our Consultants Series Featuring: Jess Rabida

Meet one of Talavant's Architects, Jess Rabida.

Jess has worked as an Architect Lead in BI for quite some time, and has been responsible for overseeing the strategic direction, of the enterprise data warehouse (EDW). She has been accountable for the overall EDW foundation and the entire process from analysis, design, and build through implementation. Her responsibilities included, the design of the dimensional model, leading the analysis, the data movement strategy, overall design, development, and front end dashboards of the EDW to support the reporting needs of the business.

Some of the main skills she brings to the Talavant team is having such strong data warehousing experience. She truly understands the concept of the data warehouse lifecycle, and is able to be put into any environment and understand the concept of what the client expects the end result to be. In addtion, Jess is also strong when it comes to analysis and testing.

When asked, what a client would say about her past performance, this is some of the comments she has heard:

"I have been so impressed with how quickly you picked up the meaningful use quality measure work. You also built very strong relationships and have been great to work with. Your combination of exceptional technical skills along with being able to connect well with diverse personalities is very rare".

Finally, when Jess is not building Data Warehouses, she enjoys spending time with her family, camping, working out and reading.