Talavant's Meet Our Consultants Series Featuring: Dave DuVarney

Meet Talavant's President, Dave DuVarney.

Dave has spent spent most of his career in consulting. He quotes, “I really love it.” He actually started in Accounting, but quickly realized he had a passion for software development. He was then offered a job at a small niche BI firm in Seattle. The original firm he worked for, was eventually acquired by a larger firm. With the larger organization, he was exposed to various clients big and small. He also had the opportunity to travel the world and help start an office in London. All of which he says, were fantastic experiences.

How Talavant came about… was, he had always wanted to start his own consulting company. Dave was independent for a while and meeting Rob Long set Talavant into motion. Both Dave and Rob have great complimentary skills and decided it was time to build a great practice around BI.

Some of Dave’s main technical skills include, that he is a developer at heart. He likes to create things, and most of that time has been spent with Microsoft tools. Anything development related around SQL Server and Microsoft BI tools (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Power BI). He also really enjoys writing MDX. Lately, Dave has also started working more with Azure tools including Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Catalog, Azure SQL, Polybase and Web Apps.

In regards to Dave’s expertise, it is simple… years of consulting! He has worked with both small and large companies and helped managed both small and large projects. Due to the robust amount of experience, he really knows what a company needs to do in order to have their Business Intelligence programs succeed.

In Dave’s free time, when he is not running Talavant, he stays fairly busy with his two young girls. When he is not at their activities, he really enjoys projects that involve something where he can hold it in his hands. Working with software all day, he mentions that he misses the more tactile building. Lately woodworking has been a hobby of his, and he is currently building a table top for his office conference table.